I was told in an email  that my efforts towards guinea pig rescue were in vain, that the problem was never ending, and insurmountable, and that I would never make any difference.  I wrote back telling them about the starfish thrower.

You know, the story – about the man who every day would go down to the shore and start to throw back the washed up starfish one at a time, as far into the ocean as he could.

When a passerby stopped and asked ‘what are you doing – there’s too many starfish for you to make a difference, so why try’, and as he flung back another starfish into the sea, he said ‘well it made a difference to that one’.

That’s my answer as well.

Guinea Pigs are the most wonderful, fun and happy little creatures.

Their characters and inner shine is truly something to admire.

Hours can get lost, sitting with a guinea pig perched on your lap or chest as you surf the web, or watch TV, or just doing nothing at all as you watch these endearing little creatures purring or relaxing on you, looking up into your eyes. They truly can do no wrong – the love they give is immeasurable.

Okay, so they poop a lot (a LOT!) and pee on occasion, but there’s nothing that a plastic sheet under a towel can’t fix. They’re still perfect! Guinea Pigs are the ultimate lap pet.

Their areas need cleaning very regularly, due to all the pooping and peeing, but that’s just part of having a pet.  Just like having a child, sometimes there’s mess, but that doesn’t make it not worth it. Guinea Pigs are still perfect!

In fact, you feel really great when you have cleaned their area, because you can see how excited they are that everything’s brand new again!  The cleaner it is the happier they are.

So as we all know in Melbourne, it’s REALLY COLD in Winter, and can get really hot in Summer, and every season is very distinct, so you can’t just stick them outside and forget about the fact that the weather is affecting them, as you go inside to warm up, or cool down.

Think about it like this, I dare you to sleep outside, say in your carport, all night, in a box with some hay in it.  No, the doona stays inside, as does your ruggy warm sleeping bag, okay, you can wear a jumper and trackies, but no slippers!  Do you think you would be nice and warm?

What about Summer nights, getting bitten all night(remember you still have your jumper and trackies on in Summer too).  Not pleasant is it. It’s no different for guinea pigs – or rabbits for that matter.

So naturally, if you are thinking about adopting a couple of guineas through the  rescue, you will be giving them an INDOOR home.

Guinea Pigs enjoy their creature comforts just as much as we do.

There is lots of information that there is to share, so I will add more and more as I can (in between caring for oodles of precious guinea piggys).

I hope you enjoy your time here, reading through and thinking about what you would offer your brand new venture of getting guinea pigs.

Even if you’ve had them before, I know there are things that we can all do better the next time round.  Let’s make this time, the BEST time. Let’s get it right, and we’ll do it together.

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